I Failed Facebook

For a long time,  I thought Facebook was silly and useless and a potential time-sucker.  Even though people I respect and like have Facebook pages.

I had lunch with Susan and Beth a week ago.  They worked on me and wore me down.  I decided to try Facebook.  My daughter said, “It’s not rocket science, Mom.”

The first day it was fine.  No problem signing up and I started to send out friend requests.  I went to bed, proud of myself.

The next day, I got a pop-up telling me I used an invalid email address to login.  I tried my other one.  Same response.  I tried everything on the Facebook Help page about login.  No luck.  Then I tried to find a way to contact Facebook.  I don’t think they want to hear from us.

I tried to log in for a whole day and used all the words I’ve banished from everyone’s vocabulary (at least in front of Adaline).  I gave up and went to bed.

Next morning, our internet connection didn’t work.  Then it did, but I still couldn’t get to my Facebook page.  (I could see it if I logged in to my daughter’s page.)  And I was getting emails confirming friend requests.  I had friends, but no way to get to my Facebook page.  The internet connection stopped working again.

I kept wondering what my “friends” would think.

Today I admitted I failed.  I started over.

I am now Robin Reaugh Dorko on Facebook.  If you search for Robin Dorko, I think you’ll find her, but she still can’t get to that page.  So go to Robin Reaugh Dorko instead.  My girls said this way my old boyfriends could find me easier.  Great.

More than once in the last few years, I’ve said I’m done upgrading and learning new computer stuff.   And then I upgrade or learn something new.  If Aunt Nadine and Uncle Phil can learn to email in their 80’s, I guess I can keep whining and then surrendering to progress.  Next is my iPod.

Want to be my friend?

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  1. I particularly like this post, and not just because I’m mentioned in it. 😉

    • Thanks, Beth. Is there an Organizing for Dummies? Or do I just have to do it?

  2. I would love to be your Facebook friend! Just sent you a friend invitation. I like FB way too much. If you decide to play Scramble (kind of like Boggle) on FB, challenge me to a game.

    I am really in love with my iPod, although mine has never had any music on it. I use it to listen to audio books, and I wonder what I did before I had it. I don’t even mind doing housework and laundry because I can listen to a good book while drudging away.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m still so FB-illiterate I didn’t know it had games!

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