Aunt Nadine and Uncle Phil (Part II)

They came. They really, really hugged us.  Adaline made them smile and laugh and they were captivated.

We had two evenings and one whole day of joy and love and laughter. Then Uncle Phil got sick and died.

They had planned to leave Friday to drive home. Aunt Nadine and her son left Friday, instead, and they flew. Uncle Phil didn’t like to fly.

That’s the short version of this story. Of course there’s much more:

They came Monday evening and were fine when we went to bed Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning my aunt couldn’t wake my uncle so we called 911. After a long time in the ER, he went to ICU on a ventilator.  They said it was pneumonia and septic shock.  We took my aunt back to our house to sleep.

The ICU nurse called us at 2:30 Thursday morning to come in immediately. The nurse asked about whether to start CPR if he needed it because they thought his heart would stop soon.  My aunt said no and said it was okay to disconnect everything.  After a couple of breaths, he died.  He was 89 and she is 88.

Aunt Nadine and Uncle Phil met in kindergarten.  They were married 68 years and still really liked and loved each other.  Every time I think about her walking into the house they lived in for more than 50 years and sleeping in their bed alone, my heart hurts for her.

Aunt Nadine  doesn’t believe in asking God for specific things, so I ask that you pray for her to feel God’s presence. I hope that will lessen her pain.

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  1. Robin, i continue to celebrate Uncle Phil’s life as i hold Aunt Nadine, you and all of your family in my heart.
    thanks for sharing this holy experience of love with us.

    • It was a holy experience with over 350 people at the memorial service in a town of 22,000.
      Thanks, all, for your prayers.

  2. You and Aunt Nadine are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so thankful that I was able to visit them in Marshaltown in ’08 and see the town I had heard so much about.

    I cannot imagine how Nadine must feel.

    • Thanks, FJ. She’d love to hear from you, I’m sure

  3. What a very poignant story. How wonderful that you know that your uncle’s last days were happy ones.

    • Thanks, Susan. My husband and I have so few family members left who are older than we are that each one becomes more precious. And it becomes more obvious that our turn will come. Here’s to making the most of the days we have!

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