Whimsy and Wonder

Where are whimsy and wonder this time of year?

I used to have a very hard time seeing anything but angst and grumpiness and things that made me sad.  Over the years it’s gotten better.

I like to go the mall in December.  Not to shop and not on the weekend! I go to look at the decorations and watch the children visit Santa.  We saw a rough-looking Santa at Crabtree Mall in Raleigh the other day–too many days outside without sunscreen or too many Jack Daniels, I think.  The harried parents get my sympathy.  The excited children feed my soul.

(One of my daughters was afraid of Santa.  The other asked me before she got to kindergarten if Santa was real.  I promised myself when she was born that I’d never lie to her.  I didn’t.  Sigh.)

I like Christmas music.  The classics, of course, but I have 2 country cd’s that make me smile every time I listen to them.  I even like “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer“.  It’s good to laugh and be silly.

Our church has a candlelight service at 11 pm on Christmas Eve.  It’s quiet and peaceful and reverent.  My brother and our grown children won’t stay up late enough to go, but Mike does.  Then we drive through the neighborhood that has these amazing light balls hanging from trees.  (Here’s are some pictures.) It’s magical.

This year we’ll have Adaline. She will be 10 months old on Christmas Day.  I think she’ll like the blinky tree lights.

Does your holiday include any whimsy and wonder?

Have you looked?


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  1. Robin your whimsy and wonder will come with Adaline. With her now each Christmas will be a special one. My whimsy and wonder are my grandchildren. Enjoy your Christmas with her, she is beautiful. There is nothing like Country music, each song tells a story. And I love going to church, I find great comfort there. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
    Love, Barb

    • I know you’re right. It takes so little to feel joy, doesn’t it? Merry, merry Christmas, Barb.

      • Love you guys…..

  2. You sent me on quite an Internet search to find out more about the lighted balls. What an inspiring story!

    • Pictures don’t really do them justice. They haven’t gotten to our neighborhood yet, so we can just enjoy other people’s hard labor!

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