Where’d It Go?

My granddaughter is learning about “Where’d it go?”.  Yesterday she was on my husband’s lap and he showed her the cross he wears on a chain inside his shirt.  She, 10 months old and teething, wanted to put it in her mouth.  So he dropped it back inside his shirt.  She pulled the neck of the shirt and looked down inside.  There it was!

That’s how I feel about my week.  Where’d it go?

I had plans and goals for this week, mapped out on a nice chart given to me by Elaine, a spiritual coach.  It breaks each day into 3-hour blocks. You fill in one to-do for each block.  The hope is to get that one to-do completed in each 3-hour block.

None of my blocks got checked off.  We had snow and ice that I wouldn’t drive on.  My inner child had a “snow-day” mentality. We babysat Wednesday and Friday and I (choose to) get nothing done if Adaline is here.

I learned recently there are three possible responses to stress/anxiety.  I knew about “fight or flight.  The third response is “freeze”.

I need to plan for a class I start teaching on January 19.  I’m out of my comfort zone with this project, which I volunteered for.  I’m afraid of not doing well.

In my family of origin we dealt with distress or fear by shutting down emotionally and getting lost in something to read.  We are all good readers, but not very good with feelings.

I read a great book this week.  I didn’t work on my class.

Now I’m more anxious than before and writing this instead of working on my class!

Help me!

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  1. your class is going to be wonderFULL.
    so there.
    there it is.
    right at your heart. kinda like that hidden cross.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. It’s partly your fault I’m doing this, you know?

  3. OK – i’ll take all blame and no credit 🙂

    see ya MONDAY. SO HOPE you’ll stay for lunch. xoxo

  4. You can take some credit if you want. Better wait to see how it goes, though.

  5. You know what they say, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell her your plans” (actually I think they say him but…) Seriously, be kind to yourself. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Besides, the worse that could happen is you learn how to do something better the next time.

    • “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Thanks so much. I’m hoping for an adrenaline rush at some point!

  6. I had the same kind of week! Lost three days because my daughter and her three kids lost power at their house and had to move in. But hey, I read a good book, too, and spent time with my grandchildren. It’s all good.

    • Thanks, Susan. “It’s all good.” Good reminder.

  7. Do you need me to come over and have an intervention? I can still squeeze it in as a study break if you think it might help! Regardless, I know it will go well. I have faith in you. Just ‘fake it till ya make it’ and no one but you will know the difference.

    • Check your email for why, but I am MUCH calmer than when I wrote that. Thanks for your support, Beth.

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