Durable Goods

Definition of durable: able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration.

Durable goods are products whose usefulness continues for a number of years and that are not consumed or destroyed in a single usage. They are able to withstand repeated use; not disposable.

My friend said I was durable.  I think that was a compliment.

I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years.  More than one doctor has lectured me about the dangers of falling, including the possibility of shattering my wrists.  I’ve been careful.  Mostly.

I tripped starting up some concrete steps heading into a meeting.  I remember my forehead hitting a step and I ended up on my hands and knees, blinded in one eye by the blood gushing from my forehead.

A woman walked up right after I fell.  She got some very capable help who kept me (and the gathering group of concerned people) calm until the ambulance came.  I got four stitches in my forehead, had some bad scrapes on one hand and arm and developed two amazing black eyes.  A CT scan of my head and hand x rays were fine.

I was lucky.  I was never in much pain and the injured parts are healing.

I sent an email to warn some friends about how I looked.  One said she was glad I was so durable.

Durable  (says thesaurus.com) is abiding, constant, dependable, enduring, lasting, permanent, persistent, reliable, stable, strong, tenacious, and tough.

Durable means I’ve been in pain, learned from it, and come out okay.

Durable is good.


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  1. YES! durable ROCKS.

    btw… the other day a friend told me i was non.irratating. kinda like druable, eh? 🙂

    • Maybe worse.
      We’re like Timex–take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ !

  2. I like to think of myself as a tough ole’ broad. Sounds like you’re one, too… Oh I mean durable ole’ broad… oh, I mean without the ole’… you know what I mean. Anytime we’re down and can get up is a good day!

    • I have a book called “Crones Don’t Whine”. Might be time to pull it out again. Thanks for reading.

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall. Durable is a good word to describe you! I enjoy reading your blogs. They are insightful.

    • “Durable” kinda feels like “She has a great personality”. Glad you enjoy the blog, Bev. I read your quotes, too.

  4. Durable that’s what parents are and have to be. After all we are in it for the long haul…………

    • We certainly hope so, don’t we?

  5. Wonderful post. You know when actors have something bad happen to them, they supposedly say, “I can use this!” Well, you did a great job of “using” your tumble to make a point.

    • Thanks, Susan. That’s the thing about a blog–anything can make me start writing in my head!

  6. Is this WP theme free or premium? nice website btw!

    • It’s free and called “Quentin”. I picked it because it doesn’t require a picture for each post. I figured I’d spend so much time looking for The Perfect Picture I’d never write! (See the post titled “Always do your best,” they said.)
      And thanks for checking out the website, too.

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