Rhinestones on Rubber

Adaline’s mother asked us to shoe-shop while we babysat on Friday.  I think shoes hinder walking for beginners.  Grandpa was excited. Grandpa likes to shop.

Before shopping, Adaline (and Grandpa) napped, she devoured a carton of peach/squash YoBaby yogurt (Grandpa had coffee), and we changed her diaper. We remembered the diaper bag and brought the pink and white cart cover (see what that is here). We headed off to WendoverWorld, the area with every chain store imaginable.

Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s or Babies-R-Us?

We picked Kohl’s.  I pushed the stroller up and down the aisles while Grandpa wandered. We found him in the cramped shoe department in the back corner.  One pair in her size were not pink. They were clunky, purple-flowered, non-prissy sandals perfect for hiking mountains and fording streams (think Teva or Keen).  We saw dark pink maryjanes with a white flower on the toe and white sneakers with a big pink Nike swoosh on the side (Just Do It?).  Where were the little red Keds?  Grandpa wanted to buy black and white and pink (fake) Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars with rhinestones on the rubber toe-bumper.

Obsession with everything pink and princess is the focus of Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.  (One of the best book titles ever!).  Halfway through the book, I decided to boycott pink.  (Click here for more about why.)

I shop in the boys’ department to find non-pink or non-lavender or non-pastel.  I found a pair of army-green cargo pants made out of sweatshirt material at Walmart.  Not so flattering (short legs and a rather bulky butt), but you know they’re comfortable.

Adaline’s mother loved to dig in the dirt and splash in mud puddles when she was little.  She is a zookeeper and is in many kinds of dirt all day.  She understands the value of exploration and that a bath fixes many a mess.  She was a bit irritated the first time she picked up Adaline with dirt under her fingernails.  We suggested cutting them.

Frilly dresses and rhinestones (won’t she pull them off and eat them?) have a place.  They make for some precious pictures, after all.  Jeans and t-shirts and little red Keds make more sense for exploring Grandpa’s backyard.  (Where can I buy little red Keds?)

We bought the pink maryjanes with a big white flower on the toes and the clunky purple sandals that she’ll probably never be able to walk in.

Those rhinestone-studded Chuck Taylors were really cute…


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  1. Best one ever, Mama. You forgot to mention how CUTE you think baby shoes are – you always have! Baby shoes and those baby Christmas trees up in the NC mountains in the summer…And I bet Dad was PUMPED to shop with Adaline – hist two favorite things!

    • Whoa, sorry for the typo. So much for my online reputation.

      • I still think little bitty shoes are cute, just not real practical. And, yes, Grandpa was happy.

  2. I loved this! I always wanted a little girl, but had sons. I wanted granddaughters, had grandsons instead. I’m still waiting though. The younger son hasn’t married or fathered (as far as I know). Still hopeful. My niece is having a little girl in the fall, though. So it’s off to the mall I go for those little pink Mary Janes AND some hightops AND jeans. I want her to grow up a princess, yes…..but a tough one!
    Nice post!

    • A tough princess–love it! Thanks for reading.

  3. I don’t believe that boycotting pink is the best answer, since to many women, pink is a symbol of power. Just ask any cancer survivor.

    • Good point, Lauren. I’ve thought about that, too. I like the idea of being girly AND strong. Thanks for the idea.

  4. thanks for taking us on this adventure with ya’ll!

    TOO FUN~

    as your darlin’ needs more and more shoes (and what gal doesn’t?) i know someone who paints shoes 🙂

    • Awesome! I might wants some done for me, too.

  5. ROBEEZ! That’s your answer! They’re wonderful soft, flexible leather shoes. I completely agree that hard shoes hinder walking and my 15 month old hasn’t worn hard shoes yet! (there are other brands, too, ex. Bobux).

    • OMG! I googled them. How cute! Time to go to Stride Rite, I guess. Thank you so much.
      (How did you find me?)

      • from Stephanie’s FB posts 🙂

      • She helped me figure out who it was. The blogging world is sometimes kinda creepy but still amazing.

  6. I share your frustration with the shoe world. My grandkids know. . . when they come to my house, bring sneakers. Because we’re going to be walking, riding scooters and playing basketball.

    • I’m sure this shoe thing is just the beginning of what will baffle and frustrate me.
      Not my kid, not my kid, not my kid…

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