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I really messed up.  I tried to sync my iPhone calendar and iCal on my Mac computer (I apologize if this is gibberish to you) and lost (!!!) a bunch of events that had been on both calendars. But not everything (??).  I’ve done it successfully before and I swear I did nothing different.

I feel sick and my head hurts. I went to the Apple store with my phone and my computer.  “The Genius” (that’s what the help desk people are called) didn’t fix my problem.  I’m shocked, actually.  I wonder how hard he tried.

I read in my iPhone for Dummies book. I consulted “Help” for iPhone and iCal.  I prayed.  I took slow, deep breaths.  I said many of the words that we don’t say around Adaline.  (She’s not here.)

I don’t know what to do next.  Maybe I’ll go try another Genius.  One who has a very-much-loved mother who gets confused and upset with her phone and computer.  Usually my gray hair and dopey sense of humor get the attention of young people.  Not this time.

I think I’ll go back to carrying a paper calendar with a black cover from Staples.  (Go ahead and be smug if you’ve always used a paper calendar.)  I know how that works.  I can use my phone/computer as backup for the old-fashioned calendar.

Any suggestions about how to fix my calendars?  Please help me…

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  1. Sorry that I can’t help you, Robin. I know what you are talking about as far as synching the phone with the computer and I know a little about iCal files (Google calendars use them!), but I don’t have an iPhone or a Mac, so I have no practical experience to share. I will bet that someone out there will have an answer!

  2. Most computers have a restore function where you can put the date and time and reset the computer back to the way it was prior to that date. This is how you can retrieve the information on your calendars prior to when you did the synch. The only problem is that you will lose any information you have in documents, etc. that you have saved on your computer since that restore date so you will want to save all that on a thumbdrive, external drive prior to using the restore. This will help at least to give you back the calendar you had on you Mac. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Nancy. Now I have to figure out what I need to save on the thumbdrive! What a pain.

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