W W J D?

(What would Jesus do?)

“I can’t usher or help with the Lord’s Supper.  And I can’t mentor the Boy Scouts either.”

He has been an active and faithful church member for years.  He has worshiped and participated regularly and enthusiastically.  He turned to his pastor for support months ago when he was diagnosed HIV positive.  He trusted his pastor with the truth, to be held in confidence.

A member of the congregation complained to the pastor.

This pastor told my friend he could not participate in the activities and fellowship of the church.  He could worship if he sat in the back row.

My friend feels hurt and betrayed.  He still believes God loves him just as he is.  He also believes God loves his pastor.

I am humbled by my friend’s genuine desire to forgive.

I am awed by such faith.

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  1. jesus would say “i love you brother.” however I think the more appropriate title to this post should be “jesus is still being shunned” because your friend is jesus in this story – bearing the weight of the world, being turned away by those who are religious all while doing nothing wrong.

    • Amber, this is beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Your “WWJD” brought tears and made me so sad. I sure hope that members of that church are surrounding the man with HIV.

    • I go back and forth from sad to mad. Thanks for reading, Boodie.

  3. WWJD … I think Jesus would embrace this wonderful man and ask him to sit beside him (on the right side). So sad that we hold prejudices and are judgmental.

    • Amen, Bev. And thank you for commenting.

  4. So much misunderstanding and mistrust in this world. It could have been, and could still be, an opportunity for teaching tolerance and acceptance.

  5. I hope this blog post opens some eyes and hearts. Ignorance is just not a good enough excuse any more. Thanks for responding, Donna.

  6. I used to wonder why Sunday morning was the most segregated time in American life. Our congregations still tend to lack the diversity they should have, and now we have another group to exclude. So sad!

    • Yes, it is sad. It is condemning someone for being sick. Ignorance is not an adequate excuse.
      Thanks for caring, Susan.

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