Children of God

 She is 91.

She is small.

She is powerful.

She is filled with God’s Spirit.

She wears bootcut jeans

with a white shirt

and a leather belt.

She comes to Higher Ground

to pray

and play the piano

for the hymns we sing.

She brings lunch

for the folks who gather

and are hungry.

Finding her center and balance,

she puts one foot in front of the other.

We hold our breath

as she goes down the steps.

She follows her walker

to the curb.

It takes a while.

Her ride waits.

A red sports car slows to a stop.

The driver must idle

as cars pass on the other side.

His tires squeal his anger

as he accelerates

past the older black sedan.

Our writing group pauses.

We lift our heads up, shocked.

She buckles her seatbelt.

Her driver takes her home.

We take a long, deep breath.

We are all just children of God

doing the best that we can.

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  1. Sounds like she would be an interesting woman with whom to sit down and drink tea. I admire her pluck!

  2. I am at the age of watching those older than myself, breath held–old enough to watch with sympathy and admiration knowing what a triumph it is to simply keep going.

    When the time comes I hope I will be wearing bootcut jeans and bringing lunch for those who need it.

    • You’re exactly right–“old enough to watch with sympathy and admiration”. I’m there, too.
      She looks better in those jeans than i do.

  3. What a fascinating vignette! I hope I am able to live for others–and ride in a sports car–when I am 91!

    • i think living for others may be how we live well for as long as we have.
      (I can’t get out of a sports car now!)

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