Are You in Control of Anything?

God will keep giving us opportunities to learn we are not in control.  I read that in a book this morning.  You know it’s true, don’t you?

I’m getting better about not-so-significant stuff, like lines and being on hold and the whole health insurance mess.  But the big stuff still gets me in the pit of my stomach.  You know that cold, dark, heavy spot in your gut when you know one of your kids is in trouble or really struggling?  (It is one of the few things that can kill my desire to eat.)  That’s when you know you’re not in control and are powerless.  What’s left at that point but anger and prayer and tears?

The retired man I live with struggles with this more than I do, I think.  Yesterday morning plugs in the wall of our house that faces the street stopped working.  Adaline was coming for the day and the tree lights wouldn’t go on.  To him, a major issue.  And, I have to say, a bit unnerving in a 55-year-old house.  No circuits were off so it was kind of weird.

The retired man I live with called an electrician.  They can send someone Monday.  (Yesterday was Thursday.)  So he called my brother who lives 3 hours away but knows a lot about electrician stuff.  For hours they tried to troubleshoot the wiring in that wall.  I told the retired man I live with that I would kill him if I had to call an ambulance for him while Adaline was at our house. He kept at it.

It’s not fixed.  We have no Christmas lights.  He is unhappy.  And not a whole lot of fun to be around.

God keeps giving us chances to learn we are not in control.

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  1. Oh, yes, that is so true. Thankfully, no one has electrocuted themselves trying to correct this problem.

    Control and plans are illusions.


    • “Control and plans are illusions”–exactly! Well put, Marjorie.

  2. Electricity that blips out, house painters and repair people who show up on their own schedule and not necessarily when promised, a child who is currently on at least the six-year college plan (at least six!), bosses and spouses, etc., etc., etc. as the King of Siam said. It is a good thing that I haven’t yet worn out the Serenity Prayer!

    • Thanks for reminding me of the Serenity Prayer, Donna. I’m just not sure sometimes what I can change,

  3. Robin I am feeling that pain right now. I can only stand by and watch. And it is eating me alive. I am sure Mike has checked the outlet for power, has he check the extension cord if there is one? And the little fuses they put in those darn little twinkle lights?

    • Yes to all of the above. It’s actually about 6 outlets that aren’t working. While we wait for Monday he is fantisizing the house burning down. Sigh. That helps.

  4. I’ve always found that people with children have been tempered with the knowledge that they are not in charge. The childless cling to the illusion of control much much longer.

    • And the older kids are, the more you know you NEVER had control.
      But men seem to take longer to get there.

  5. My toughest time was seeing my son go through a painful divorce. And there was not a thing I could do to make it better. So I know exactly what you mean.

    • I can’t imagine how your heart must have hurt for your son. I’m so sorry.

  6. ” I told the retired man I live with that I would kill him if I had to call an ambulance for him while Adaline was at our house. He kept at it.” Holy Cow! Maybe it’s good you don’t have a gun in the house.

    Ya’ll ain’t treatin’ yo hep too Kindly Mrzis Robin!

    I=E/R. Also, the circuit breakers can age over time and may need to be replaced. Second, cut off the main breaker in the box, NO power to anything in the house, then put a meter on Ohms (resistance, not some heathen chant!) and check for an open circuit, partially open by comparison to one that works.

    $20.00 to St Anthony will handle it.

    • You are right about the gun!
      And it was the connectors (?) were old and worn out so the electrician fixed it.
      (The house is a few years younger than we are and our parts are wearing out!)

  7. This made me smile!
    Thank you!

    • It did finally get fixed by an electrician, thank God.

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