Life Is Good?

My daughter had a baby–Margaret Jane–on January 11.  We call her Maggie.  The day after she was born, her parents were told she has a (fixable) heart problem.

We were stunned into stupidity.

And then prayer.

Maggie had surgery at 7 weeks and will need another surgery sometime this year.

I call her Baby Badass (sorry, Aunt Nadine).  She is a champion nurser and is growing well.  She sleeps as well as any other baby (so her parents are just starting to come out of the no-sleep fog).

I call my daughter Mommy Badass.  She has handled the fear and stress of the last few months beautifully.  Her husband is a magnificent dad.

Maggie is our 2nd grandchild.  Another is due April 2.  My daughters are good mothers and very different from each other.  They need different things from me each day right now.  My challenge is to listen more than I talk and not offer advice unless asked.

My mother was never really available emotionally.  I don’t think her mother was, either.  And Mom was 500 miles away when my girls were small.

I was determined to mother a different way.  Today it is called “attachment parenting” (click here for more about that).  We just did what felt right.  We ended up with independent, compassionate citizens of the world.

I will be 60 years old on March 15.  Sometime in the next few months, I want to have a party.  I have much to celebrate.

As I look back over the years I am grateful.  I have learned lessons, some the hard way, and known interesting, fun people.  I have some regrets (of course).  I am proud of the family we have created and I delight in watching my grandchildren.

Life can be hard.

Life is good.


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  1. Robin – my Dad says he never offers advice, just opinions! Both your daughters and grand-daughters are joys to the world.

    • I agree!
      And I like what your dad says.

  2. Love you………..

  3. I am quite certain that S. is a Badass Mommy!! I didn’t know about the surgery but had already been keeping the little family in my thoughts and prayers — will double up!

    • We all welcome the prayers. Thank you.
      They really are doing okay.
      I saw the tutu you sent–cute!

  4. and YOU, my dear woman are a BadAss Amma! ❤
    i am SO glad you were born~~~

    • I’m glad, too, Lisa.
      And thanks for the compliment. I love it!

  5. I have a nephew who was born with a heart defect. He had to have several surgeries, but he is now 14 and you would not know that he is different from any other 14-year-old boy. He could develop problems at any time, but he has certainly defied all of our expectations and his doctors’ expectations. Medical science is wonderful, and so is the human drive to live and thrive.

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday.

    • I had a great birthday! And thanks, Susan, for sharing about your nephew. I agree–“the human drive to live and thrive” is breathtaking, even in a baby.

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