Got Sparkle?

After I stopped coloring my hair, I discovered Pantene Silver shampoo.  My hair sparkled in the sunlight.  I loved my grey hair.

Then Pantene discontinued the Silver line.  I searched the internet.  There wasn’t any, not even on ebay.  For months I used regular old Redken shampoo.  My hair was soft and manageable, but it didn’t sparkle.

I went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought a different brand of Silver shampoo.  It smelled weird and my hair didn’t sparkle.

I have easy hair.  For years, store brand stuff worked fine.  Now I wanted sparkle.  The woman who cuts my hair told me about Aveda shampoo for grey hair.  I bought a bottle of purple Aveda shampoo from her for $25.00.  It’s a big bottle, but maybe not $25 big.

The next morning I started the water for my shower and let it get hot.  I stepped into the shower and pulled the door shut.  My whole body relaxed as the hot water surrounded me.  I opened my eyes and reached for my new shampoo.

A stink bug* clung to the side wall  of the tub beside the shampoo bottle.  How did it keep from sliding off?

I wanted to use my new shampoo.  The stink bug gave me the creeps.  It was not cute.  I’ve never smelled a stink bug–an awful smell, I hear–because I’ve never squished a stink bug.  I knew a stink bug couldn’t hurt me, but still…

I was annoyed.  My hot shower was supposed to be a private moment of relaxed solitude.  I washed my hair with my expensive shampoo.  When I closed my eyes, I begged the stink bug not to jump on me.

I threw a cup of water on the stink bug and watched him ride the water to the drain.  He didn’t fit through the drain cover holes so I figured he’d drown.  Or survive and climb out and come looking for me.

My new shampoo does make my hair sparkle in the sunlight.  I like it.

*Click here for a picture and to learn more about stink bugs.

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  1. I didn’t know what a stink bug was, but I do know Aveda’s blue malva shampoo and it’s fabulous. It must also be useful for keeping stink bugs at bay because I’ve never seen one lurking in my shower.

    • Maybe it’s working here. Nice thought, thanks!

  2. Our house is extremely open to the passing stinkbug (or click beetle or wolf spider). Today my morning shower was taken in the company of a click beetle. If the bug is not a roach I consider it company.

    I think there is something beautiful about silver hair–and if it sparkles so much the better!

    • It’d be easier to co-exist if the bugs were more predictable.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I’m not freaked out by bugs, but I really don’t want them crawling on me, which means they can really ruin a nice shower or bath.

    • I had to wash a spider down the drain at a retreat center this morning. I’m worried about karma!

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