Writer’s Block Is Real

Here’s how I got it:

1.  Joined a Writer’s Group of the Triad Memoir Group with real, published writers.

2.  Went to a 2-day writing retreat with some really good writers.  We wrote and then read out loud to the group of 15 writers.  Did I mention how well they wrote?

3.  Got a stomach virus that kept my family away on Mother’s Day.

4.  Got pneumonia right after the stomach virus.

(I may never see my grandchildren again!)

I’ve read the cure for writer’s block is to just write.

One of my early blog posts was titled “I’m Workin’ On It”–please click here to check it out.

I’m workin’ on it–writer’s block and good health.


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  1. So sorry you got so sick. Hope you are feeling better. Loved the retreat AND will be waiting to here about your retreat once you are feeling better.

  2. A stomach bug is the get-out-of-jail free card. No one writes with a stomach bug. Then you added pneumonia? You may never have to write again! The cure for writer’s block is definitely writing, but sometimes you just can’t. Don’t stress about it. To everything there is a season.

    • Thanks, Adrian. I sure don’t feel creative right now. I hope the writer’s block fades away with pneumonia.

  3. Omigosh! Good writers can be hazardous to a beginner’s health. But believe me. Every good writer started somewhere, and I guarantee you that if you asked them, they’d tell you about the thousands of hours they’ve spent with fingers moving. Keep hanging out with those writers IF they are compassionate and supportive. If they have an attitude about beginners, if you sense an atmosphere of competition, run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

    Maybe you need to start your own group of newbie writers based on a model of drawing on the wisdom of the group. I’ll be posting more info about that on my blog in about six weeks, but you can contact me privately via the email link there if you want to know more sooner.

    • Thank you for such encouraging words, Sharon.
      I’m so new in the writing group they haven’t seen my writing yet. The current problem is all in my head! I will take heed of your advice, though.
      And I will keep reading your blog.

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