Got Purple?

Our wooden front door is purple.  Not lavender or dark purple.  Real purple.  Sherwin Williams “African Violet.”

The retired man I live with has a goofy streak I love.  We picked the door color together.  It looks great.

Our young stay-at-home-mom next-door neighbor emailed us, said she loved the color and asked what kind of paint we used.  She wants to paint her door, too.  I wonder what her husband thinks of that idea.  They haven’t painted yet.  They’re still too young, I guess, for goofy.

The retired man who gets bored easily created a unique sculpture in the living room.  It started life as a wrought iron coat tree.  The arms stick out too far to be useful for coats and the iron arms are at an unsafe eye level for most people.  I move below them, but it’s still a bit scary.

He decided last December it could be our Christmas tree.  He draped little white lights around and up and down.  He hung some colored balls.  It was actually quite cool.  We did get a little bitty real tree for Adaline to decorate.

The iron tree now has an odd assortment of “ornaments”:  A pink and white doll-size baby bottle, an 18-inch plastic star with a painted-on face and green and red striped knee socks, a slightly rusted metal angel, a blowfish about 5 inches tall made from bright orange wire, an old Easter basket, and a set of wooden monkeys that hang on random branches.  He still adds to it every so often.  He could maybe sell it as folk art at some street festival, but we want to keep it for ourselves.

He started working on our front yard when he retired.  He had a big natural area dug out and planted bushes and flowers.  Our daughter and granddaughter planted pumpkins in the natural area a month or so ago. The retired man who relaxes poorly created a beautiful strip alongside our sloping driveway–rose bushes, shrubs, a Celtic cross, and one big sunflower that must have come from a seed dropped by a bird.

He added a full-size flag pole in the middle of the front yard and flies a changing set of flags.  We fly Pittsburgh Pirates, Guilford Courthouse (a Revolutionary War site down the road from us), United States, a Buddhist prayer flag, Ecology (it’s green), and the state flag for NC.  Adaline, 2 1/2 now,  points to the Pirates flag and growls “Aaaaaarrrgh!”

The retired man I live with and I laugh a lot.  Even when I’m really angry, he can sometimes get me to laugh.  Our marriage, like any couple, has bumped over a few rough spots.  We share an appreciation of life’s absurdities and a love of goofy things.  It helps.

PS:  A few months after I wrote this, the next door neighbors painted their front door a bright, almost-neon-y green.  Goofy may be catching.

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  1. What fun you have together! And what a gift to have a creative partner who makes you laugh!

    • That and the ability to sleep make for a comfortable life together.

  2. i sooooooooooooooooo look forward to one day meeting that retired man you live with ~ and to laughing with ya’ll a.lot.

    • You will! Oh how I wish we weren’t so far apart!

  3. Robin, you and Mike are at that point in your marriage that I witnessed with Uncle John and Aunt Florence…how much they really loved each other and depended on each other. They functioned as one. I was blessed to see that, I see it to with Uncle Joe and Aunt Millie. It is such a good thing…… is a great point to be at in a marriage.

    • You are so right. I guess it’s the reward for riding the waves all these years. I’d hate to face this stage alone.

  4. What a fun post! I love my husband, but sometimes I wish he had a goofy streak. He doesn’t.

    • I’ve learned from him over the years. It wasn’t my style for a long time.

  5. Thanks for sharing this… I smiled beginning to end! I can’t wait until I live with a retired man 🙂

    • Just be careful what you wish for…
      It has taken us 3 years to figure out how to live retired together.

  6. Ha ha! My husband’s goofy streak is just starting to show up (finally!) Maybe by the time we retire we’ll have a purple door, too!

    • I hope so! Keeping a sense of humor does help with the goofiness.

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