Volunteer for Pain

Do you know rugby?  It’s sort of like football with no helmets or pads and lots of beer (that part was true when I was in college; I bet it still is.)  A young  I know played in the UNCG Women’s Rugby 10-year Reunion Rugby Game  yesterday.  The Alumni beat the current team.  She said on Facebook she’d probably last 10 minutes.  She played two 30-minute halves.  That is a badass!

I asked her how she felt today. She said, “I’m a little sore, but some of my teammates had it rough… A possible torn ACL, busted knees, bruises in the shape of cleat marks, etc. Tough girls!”

My comment back–“I will never understand volunteering for pain.”

Saturday, the retired man I live with and I accompanied 2 daughters, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren under the age of 3 to the Persimmon Festival in Colfax, NC.

We heard live music as we sat on scratchy hay bales, ate pork and beef BBQ, tasted apple cider pressed while we waited.  We were too late for persimmon pudding, but we did see some persimmons.  Brightly colored handmade quilts waved from a clothesline.  2 mules pulled a cart loaded with people.

Adaline sat on a bright red 1941 International Harvester tractor seat.  7-month-old Atticus rode on his mom’s back in an Ergo baby carrier.  After trying to nurse on her back (that’s what it looked like) he fell asleep.  Almost 10-month-old Maggie rode in the front seat of the double stroller and said “Hey!” to anyone who made eye contact.  She squealed in delight at any child who came near.

The sun lit up a Carolina blue sky.  A light breeze blew, making a sweatshirt  or a jacket feel cozy.  The BBQ smoker looked like a locomotive with a really fragrant smokestack.  The chainsaw sculptor captured my son-in-law.  The noise scared the little ones.  The whole thing was so small we could all wander around and still see each other.

I followed 2-3/4-year-old Adaline around.  It took a village to keep up with her;  I felt good enough to be part of the team.  I walked a lot on uneven terrain.  The retired man I live with said I was “4-wheelin’ it.”

I took the risk–I volunteered for day-after pain.  (My back hurts and my feet ache today.)

I’d do it again in a minute!

I still don’t understand rugby, though.

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  1. One of my fond memories: I was on a school trip with a bunch of high schoolers and managed to slip down to the hot tub alone for a little relaxation. Immediately a whole rugby team (guys) came down and piled in the hot tub with me. I enjoyed the scenery thoroughly as they compared their scrapes and contussions! LOL

    • I bet the scenery was quite nice! Thanks for sharing your story, Susan.

  2. hahaha – yes, my friend, Jean, and I often laugh at how wiped out we are after a visit with the grand children-
    maybe playing-with-grandchildren should become an Olympic event!

    • It sure is motivation to stay in some kind of shape to keep moving!!
      Thanks for finding me and commenting, Gallivanting Grandma. (Love that name.)

  3. Once, during my college years, several members of the rugby team were traveling north to a game and I was able to hitch a ride home for the weekend…quite a vivid memory of the songs and jokes I heard on that adventure!

    Your day sounds like a wonderful–and tasty–slice of life! Thank you, Amma!

    • Lucky you! How quaint that sounds, a girl hitch hiking.
      I still hurt today and it’s still worth it. But I think it’s time to consult a chiropractor.
      Thanks for reading, Catherine.

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