Vicks VapoRub and Dark Chocolate

I smeared Vick’s VapoRub on my chest and the bottoms of my feet, put on a pair of heavy socks, laid my head down on 2 pillows and tried to go to sleep.  Before bedtime I tried lemon/ginger tea with honey, straight teaspoons of honey, enough mentholyptus cough drops to make me anxious about my next dentist appointment, and several squares of dark chocolate.

Why not?

I had a bad cough from pneumonia, even after the antibiotic kicked in and I felt some better.  No cough medicine helped.

I googled People’s Pharmacy, a public radio show that originates down the road in Chapel Hill.  It’s a safe site for natural, old-wives-tale-type remedies.  I like to just wander through their website. Here is the link I found: People’s Pharmacy Cough Remedies.

That 1st night of Vick’s and ginger and chocolate I took no cough medicine.  I slept for 10 hours without much coughing.  My daughters with babies were jealous.  I tried all the remedies the next evening, too.  I coughed some.  Third night, I was no better than before the home remedies.  Did it work at all?  I’m really grateful for that one good night.

People cough everywhere I go.  We should all agree not to leave our houses for 2 weeks.  Buy groceries like it’s going to snow a foot or more. (That’s a BIG deal in NC.) Have on hand whatever you’re addicted to.  I think snow calls for Doritos and ice cream, myself.  Stock up on books and movies.  Then at a specific time on a specific day, the whole country shuts down.  We could all rest and get well and stop trading germs around.

Obviously I write as a 60-year old woman who lives in a big house with a retired man who takes naps and can cook.  I would never have suggested this when we had 2 little kids.  I don’t know what we’d do about the potential for child and spousal abuse.

Ok, I need to rethink this.  Maybe I’ll just quarantine myself.  You all do what you want, but don’t come to my house.

PS:  Vicks VapoRub was invented right here in Greensboro, NC, where I live.  Cool, huh?  Click here for more odd uses.

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  1. Hit up the Vicks myself last night. Peppermint oil is really good to , it will open up your clogged nose. I cannot eat one more halls cough drop or I’ll puke. I hear you Robin hope you start to feel better.

  2. I live alone…..well with two cats…..and work out of my home with occasional visits to schools and of course to purchase groceries. In one store yesterday the employees were coughing, sniffling and wiping their nose with their hands while handling money and receipts. I understand people need money and thus need to work. But at what cost? I agree…..stay home if you are sick.

    • There sure isn’t a good answer to the no-work-no-pay dilemma. I keep hand sanitizer in the car and use it every time I get in. Kinda like spitting in the wind, probably. You need a mask and gloves to go into schools!

  3. I agree with you! I think if people stayed home when they are sick we’d all be a lot healthier!! But when I am sick I just can’t go on without Vicks! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • I am better,thanks. Maybe we could all just wear masks and gloves. And pray for an early spring.

  4. sending you healing vibes, love and virtual masks/gloves from Pelican House…

    • I’m finally not thinking of myself as invulnerable. This week anyway!

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