We Loved Lucy

The retired man I live with and I fell in love with her.  We loved her enough to let her go.

Lucy had a respiratory infection at the shelter, which they had treated with an antibiotic.  She coughed some the first night, Wednesday,  so we took her to our vet the next morning.  Dr. Syska said it was pneumonia and prescribed a much stronger antibiotic.  Lucy was pretty droopy all day Thursday but would go outside and pee when we took her.  She was no better on Friday and spent most of the day with her head on my lap. She didn’t want to eat or drink any water.

Saturday morning she was worse and struggling to breathe.  We took her back to our vet, who was visibly concerned.  We decided to take her to the emergency specialty animal hospital to talk about admitting her for IV antibiotics and fluids.  We saw her lung x-ray compared to a normal one.  Both lungs were almost full of fluid.

We talked with the vet about possible outcomes, looked at each other, and I said “I think it’s time.”  Deciding to treat her in the hospital felt like agreeing to torture her, with no assurance that she would ever really be well.  The vet told us we were doing an unselfish thing.  Doing the right thing sometimes feels awful.

Lucy was lying on a fluffy, soft, blue rug on the exam table.  I wrapped my arms around her as the vet started the injection.  Her body relaxed, finally, and she was gone.  No more gasping for breath.  She was at rest.

We loved her, even if it was only 3 1/2 days.  We believe she is in heaven, happy, healthy, running and playing.  And waiting for us to come play.

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  1. And her last 3 1/2 days on earth were full of love and she knew home. I agree with the vet, how wonderfully unselfish you are.


  2. am holding you and that darlin’ retired man in my heart as you miss and celebrate Lucy….

    • She was such a sweetie. Thanks, Lisa.

  3. We had a cat that got some of the Chinese food that killed an animal’s liver. We treated him to the tune of $900, but the real tragedy was that he hung on so long and it became clear in the end that the vet had always considered his survival a long shot. You did the kind, but difficult thing. Some other dog will love you best, Robin!

    • We were very grateful for both Vets’ honesty with us. And I won’t actively search for another dog–it will have to find me. And convince Mike to risk his heart one more time. We’ll see.

  4. So sorry…tears in my eyes. There is another sweet, cuddly doggie waiting for you both.

    • I might be willing one day, but Mike says he never wants to go through this again> It hurts too much.

  5. We have had to let two dogs go and we were with them when they went to sleep. So hard but the right decision. They trust you to take care of them and you did the kind thing. My heart aches for all of you.

    • Thank you, Boodie. We do believe we did the right thing.

  6. So sorry for your loss, as deep and true as any other. Peace to Lucy’s spirit, and to yours.

    • I’m sure Lucy is at peace. We’re getting there. Thank you, Catherine.

  7. So sad, but letting go is a gift, too.

    • You are so right, Susan. A good reminder for dealing with people, too.

  8. That is one of the hardest decisions to make.
    Your kindness and love were surely a gift to little Lucy.

    • Thanks, Denise. And thanks for checking me out.

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