Bigger, Faster, Better? Must I?

Must I update or upgrade or retrofit?  They all mean the same thing;  I looked them up in the dictionary: “one thing is replaced by something better, newer, more valuable, etc.” I’m usually okay with things, especially my electronic things, just as they are–Good Enough.  Bigger, faster, better, newer, shinier, cooler–it’s getting harder to keep up.

This morning, I allowed my iPhone 4 to upgrade itself to iOS-7.  I don’t think it’s required.  So why do it? Because my phone keeps telling me an upgrade is available.  Because the retired man I live with keeps asking me if I upgraded yet.

“It’s so cool,” he says.

“What’s so different?” I say.

“The way the icons look,” he says.  “Plus, they fixed some bugs and it will work better.”

“Okay, ” I sigh.  Maybe it is better.

And so I surrender to “progress” again.

On my deathbed, will I check for new upgrades for my phone or my computer?  Lord, I hope not.  Will I wonder what upgrades and new stuff my grandchildren will see?  Maybe.

They are young.  They have energy.  They are curious about and excited by anything new or different.  They will participate in the evolution of our culture and our globe.

As “Amma,” as grandmother, I help nurture each child’s unique true self.  I model (I hope) love, honesty, compassion.  I remind them we are all, everyone on this earth, God’s children and, therefore, we all have value. They will need those traits and that knowledge, no matter what new stuff appears.

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  1. I agree with you – some things should be left exactly as they are. I swear these ‘upgrades’ are simply a matter of some new geeky person wanting to put their stamp on an already excellent product. And…I really dislike the new iPhone upgrade. Icons are hard to see, I don’t like the updating mail function, Safari is confusing to use and everything is just all nasty. Wish I could go back in time…but don’t we all.

    • I’m starting to wonder if the ease of virtual connection is feeding my tendency to isolate…

  2. yes, I upgraded and missed an important step in the process. Next thing I know my phone is disabled and everything has been erased. I spent 1.5 hrs on the phone trying to restore the phone which didn’t work and was a waste of time. Of course, I had to go to the Apple store and have the phone restored. On several occasions through the process, I was asked why didn’t I back up my information to iCloud…it is a phone!!! I understand it is a mini computer but it is a PHONE!

    • I think we’re forgetting it’s a phone and that we can actually talk to people.

  3. I wouldn’t mind these upgrade notices on the Iphones if we could reverse it when we realize that we don’t like the upgrade!!! Case in point: Last week I got and applied the upgrade to my Iphone 4s and then regretted it! I liked the old one better! Oh well….now I ignore the upgrade on my phone – but I have this red circle that is calling my name and begging me to get it…. “upgrade, upgrade….” -I guess the only solution is as my hubby says to upgrade to the human conversation.. (aka throw out the phone?)

    • Good point. There is no ” undo ” button!

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