I Want to Flourish!

I saw the sun today.  Once the fog burned off.

Let me say this before I start whining: I live in central North Carolina, not Boston or Minneapolis. I know it could be worse. But NC is where I am.

We haven’t had much sun lately.  According to our local newspaper, a string of 14 consecutive days with precipitation ended Saturday. Only 4 days in February didn’t record any precipitation. That’s a lot of gray sky.

We’ve seen rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain and various mixtures of any or all of those.  And record cold, just like all the people I love in other places.

The joke is, if you live in NC and don’t like today’s weather, hold on–it’ll change.  Our forecast for this week is nuts. Partly cloudy Monday high 55, Tuesday is high 42 with rain, Wednesday is rain and 65 (!!), then Thursday high 37 and wintry mix.

My best Robin hibernates in January and February of any year. This January, I decided to meditate on the words “vigor” and “flourish” instead of making resolutions for 2015. I’m waiting for the meditation to work. Maybe I need to meditate every day instead of every so often.

I think it’s the lack of sun that gets me.  Lethargy: the quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless and un-energetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity. Lethargy is not vigor.

Lethargy is me.

Too much trouble to meditate. Lethargy. I sit to read the newspaper after lunch and fall asleep in my chair. Lethargy. Sometimes laundry gets into the washer, but not the dryer. Lethargy.  I watch old episodes of The Good Wife on Hulu Plus and Scandal on Netflix. Lethargy. I look at the exercise bike and say, “maybe later.” Lethargy.

Perhaps “lethargy” is just a kind word for “lazy.”

I need a vigor infusion.  I want to flourish. Hook me up to an IV and let’s get started.

Maybe Medicare will cover it.




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  1. Maybe start small or go for short bursts? I use my work-out time as prayer time, but you’re creative and bright, and I’m confident you’ll find your own way to vigor and flourishing: my prayers will accompany you. 🙂

    During my favorite retreat ever, my Jesuit mentor closed our prayers with, “We pray this in perfect confidence, believing it’s already being accomplished.” I’ve used that in my own blessings and prayers, with patients, loved ones, and for strangers on the prayer list ever since…I figure, why pray if I don’t believe it helps? So, I keep my eyes and heart as open as I’m able and look for the ways my prayers and their outcomes are evolving…and also hold close that lovely idea expressed in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: “Everything will be all right in the end…so if it’s not all right, it’s not yet the end.”

    Blessings and sunshine and wonderful vigor! May you flourish as you desire!

  2. Even here in North Florida it has been grey. I realized how grey when the sun broke through yesterday and I felt an irrational lift in my spirits–oh how I love sunlight! In a way it is nice to know that we are still animals and that we are still connected to the ups and downs of the planet.

    If the sun stays out you will probably rediscover your vigor and your will to flourish. Chin up!

  3. Emily Bronte was one of the few who flourished under the Queens’ Pale Sun. The rest do a little better on photosynthesis. Was the Beetles that did “Here comes the Sun”? Lets hope it does, Beetles or not.

  4. Nothing better on a cloudy gray day than Scandal. I am hooked. LOL I do understand the issue with the lack of sun. The sun is my IV. I soak it in and start to feel better. There hasn’t been much this winter. Maybe winter is the time to rest and be ready to recharge come spring.

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