It’s A New, Gadget-Filled, App-Designed World

The world keeps reminding me that I am not young. It’s not just having grey hair and 3 grandchildren. That’s about chronological age.

No, it’s realizing there are all sorts of things I don’t know about and/or don’t understand.

TIME magazine had a long article about Reddit. I read the article and I’m still not exactly sure what it does. Or is. The article said it’s mostly used by young men, teenagers or 20 somethings. I’ve never fit in those demographics. So now the question is do I care enough to investigate the website? No, not really.

I already spend an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook reading posts from HuffPost50 and HuffPostParents. The ones I agree with I share with my daughters who are actually parents of young children. Makes my advice and opinions more authoritative, I think. I wonder if they read them. I’m not going to ask.

The last time I applied for a job, the application was on paper and there were no personality tests involved. Another TIME article (yes, that’s one of my main sources of what’s new and improved in the world) described the kinds of tests people often take these days during the job application process. (here’s the link)

Examples of questions:

Would you like to be an art collector? (What does a yes OR a no mean?)

Do you find yourself getting angry easily? (How stupid or self-destructive would you have to be to answer yes?)

Do you often fantasize about being famous? (Is once a month “often”?)

Do people say you are eccentric? (At my age, I consider that a compliment.)

I took the little sample test. For spontaneity I scored a 2 (out of 8). On independence I scored 7 (out of 8). For competitiveness I scored 0 (out of 8). So would you hire me?

I think too many computer nerds have reduced too many things to algorithms. Quirks and talents matter.

On a lighter note–

Did you know that the Denver Post has a designated Pot Critic? I read about that on the front page of the NY Times Style section a while back. Back in the day (or so I hear), there was pot or no pot. Now, I guess it’s like wine or craft beer. So many varieties, so little time. Are some people weed snobs like wine snobs?

I enjoy reading about what’s going on this new, gadget-filled and app-designed world. I’m glad I can pick and choose if and when I participate.

But I still like reading books. From the library. Printed on paper and bound by a cover with a title and a picture.

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts – especially this one and as I read there is an ad at the bottom of page, flashing red and blue at the top which I’m sure you didn’t insert!!!

    • The website I use is free so I guess that’s why there was an ad that I had nothing to do with!
      Thanks for reading, Boodie.

  2. I still love solitude and silence. This new world buzzes and is way too frantic. I begin to understand my stodgy old grandfather who used to say, “In my day…”

    • Silence and solitude…ah. Although I do like the convenience of my iPhone!

  3. I just chanced upon your blog…and it almost seems like heavenly intent that I do so…at this stage in my life when I’m grappling with issues (nothing technology related!) Thank you Robin for this blog and for your straight from the heart writing.

    • Thank you for reading and signing up to follow me. My hope is to help others by sharing bits and pieces of my life.

  4. Wonderful post, Robin! I do believe there is an ongoing effort to discover the algorithm of life, akin to the ever elusive Theory of Everything. 😉 For what it’s worth, I am betting on the Theory of Everything….

    I spend a great deal of time online. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is my main way of interacting with the world. I am grateful for it, and like you, I enjoy learning the odd tidbit or two. Of course, my greatest joy is a back-and-forth with other bloggers like you. My, how you have broadened my perspective. Thank you.

    • As you have broadened mine. I usually read your posts more than once to fully absorb your ideas.

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