Bah (Halloween) Humbug!

(I wrote this originally in October 2012.)

Amma Ponders

I trick-or-treated alone the year I was 11.  I knew it would be my last year.  I was supposed meet up with some other girls, but I never found them.

Did they ditch me on purpose?  Did I misunderstand the plan?  Or did they not even think of me at all?

I tried to go to people’s doors with other kids so I didn’t look like some weird kid who was too old to be trick-or-treating.  I don’t remember what costume I wore–something homemade, I’m sure.  I remember holding back tears.  I don’t remember if I told my parents what happened.

I’ve never liked Halloween.  My kids’ elementary school let students come in costume on October 31.  I painted one girl’s face green for a witch outfit and made a punk-rocker (pink hair, lots of eye makeup, and lots of necklaces) out of the other girl.  All by 7:30 am. …

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  1. As I remember it, it rained every Halloween of my childhood, and since we carried paper grocery store bags for gathering our loot, the bottom fell out of the soggy bag every time.

    And don’t get me started about the coral reef costume my husband and I made for our daughter–a work of art that weighed in at a good 30 pounds. After a couple of houses she left it in the truck and told people who answered doors she was going out as her mother.

  2. I laughed out loud about your daughter going as you!
    Sorry about you losing your candy. That’s really wrong.

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