The end of Erica Kane??

I moved  into Morrison Dorm at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in August, 1970, for my freshman year of college.  With Mom and Dad’s help, I was a feminist trailblazer–the first year of the first coed dorm at Carolina!

I didn’t ask my parents why they let me live in a coed dorm.  They weren’t overly strict when I was in high school, but I was (and still am) surprised to be turned loose to make my own decisions.

August in NC is hot.  Guys who lived in Morrison the year before (yesss!) helped the dads carry our stuff into the rooms.  Someone had told them to really clean up–most wore ties and clean, controlled hair.  We saw no cigarettes or beer cans (or anything else).  And the elevators and lounge areas smelled good.

My classes started at 8:00 am every day that semester.  (Why??)  When I came back to get lunch,  All My Children usually blared from the lounge TV and male voices discussed Erica Kane and her friends.  5th floor guys watched soap operas every afternoon.  I got hooked on All My Children the fall of 1970.

I smile and remember that hot, beat-up TV lounge whenever I notice Soap Opera Digest at the grocery store checkout.  What a wonderful way to meet guys.  Except for the feminine hygiene ads.

Years later, I rocked my children to sleep for a nap watching All My Children.  They probably knew who Erica Kane was before they could read.  My husband asked about Erica’s exploits when he came home.  (A stay-at-home-mom’s life with preschoolers gets very small.)

We live in a different world now.  Morrison is “green” and air-conditioned, computers go to college, and coed dorms are not radical.  I hear some places even have coed bathrooms now (eeewwww!).

And All My Children is ending in September, 2011.  I haven’t watched regularly in over 20 years, unless  sick or recuperating from surgery.  Erica Kane is still alive and still played by Susan Lucci (who is impossibly skinny these days).  Cute Tad and cute Jackson are still cute, although a bit bulkier and grey-haired now.

Will it end abruptly?  Will Erica get married for the 11th time and leave town?  Does everyone die?  Do the 5th floor Morrison guys know about this?

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