Girls Gone Wild (Not)

I went to Florida on spring break.

I didn’t take a bikini (the universe says thank you) and I didn’t drink any alcohol.

I had a blast.

My daughter invited me to go to with her and my granddaughter to visit her husband’s aunt in Vero Beach. There were a lot of baby boomers everywhere and no college kids anywhere.  I don’t think I’ve ever been around so many people my age and older all at the same time. It was a little weird. There were a few other adult children and grandchildren, but mostly a lot of grey hair, crop pants and loose linen shirts.

I’d never been to Florida, except for Disney World years ago with our kids.  It’s a beautiful place with wide, smooth roads (no potholes) and incredibly lush vegetation. It was lovely to sit on a porch and eat lunch looking over the ocean.

We were in a retirement area for people who could afford second homes for the winter. The houses are built of concrete blocks covered with stucco. We stayed in a comfortable home with a concrete roof and a pool. It’s an easy way to live.

I flew back by myself from Orlando. When I checked my bag curbside I asked for a wheelchair because the Orlando airport is BIG.  There was a double row of chairs right by the door. I’ve never seen that at other airports. When I got to security, the agents kept repeating, “If you have a knee, hip, or other metal part, go in that line (for the whole-body scanner), otherwise come through the metal detector.” They knew we older folks were coming. Again, kinda weird.

The writer David Mason says, “TraveI is an opening to life, a tool for seeing what’s really there, for experiencing the world.” He says it’s “like diving into the sea. You are swimming in it, finding your way in the moment.” Travel helps me see “what’s really there” at home, too.

I missed the diversity and grit of home.  I missed being around lots of different kinds and ages of people. I missed having to dodge the bumpy parts of roads I know well. I missed the unpredictable North Carolina weather. I missed the beginning of the dogwoods and azaleas blooming.

I don’t think I’m a Florida kind of person.

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