Bigger, Faster, Better? Must I?

Must I update or upgrade or retrofit?  They all mean the same thing;  I looked them up in the dictionary: “one thing is replaced by something better, newer, more valuable, etc.” I’m usually okay with things, especially my electronic things, just as they are–Good Enough.  Bigger, faster, better, newer, shinier, cooler–it’s getting harder to keep up.

This morning, I allowed my iPhone 4 to upgrade itself to iOS-7.  I don’t think it’s required.  So why do it? Because my phone keeps telling me an upgrade is available.  Because the retired man I live with keeps asking me if I upgraded yet.

“It’s so cool,” he says.

“What’s so different?” I say.

“The way the icons look,” he says.  “Plus, they fixed some bugs and it will work better.”

“Okay, ” I sigh.  Maybe it is better.

And so I surrender to “progress” again.

On my deathbed, will I check for new upgrades for my phone or my computer?  Lord, I hope not.  Will I wonder what upgrades and new stuff my grandchildren will see?  Maybe.

They are young.  They have energy.  They are curious about and excited by anything new or different.  They will participate in the evolution of our culture and our globe.

As “Amma,” as grandmother, I help nurture each child’s unique true self.  I model (I hope) love, honesty, compassion.  I remind them we are all, everyone on this earth, God’s children and, therefore, we all have value. They will need those traits and that knowledge, no matter what new stuff appears.

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I really messed up.  I tried to sync my iPhone calendar and iCal on my Mac computer (I apologize if this is gibberish to you) and lost (!!!) a bunch of events that had been on both calendars. But not everything (??).  I’ve done it successfully before and I swear I did nothing different.

I feel sick and my head hurts. I went to the Apple store with my phone and my computer.  “The Genius” (that’s what the help desk people are called) didn’t fix my problem.  I’m shocked, actually.  I wonder how hard he tried.

I read in my iPhone for Dummies book. I consulted “Help” for iPhone and iCal.  I prayed.  I took slow, deep breaths.  I said many of the words that we don’t say around Adaline.  (She’s not here.)

I don’t know what to do next.  Maybe I’ll go try another Genius.  One who has a very-much-loved mother who gets confused and upset with her phone and computer.  Usually my gray hair and dopey sense of humor get the attention of young people.  Not this time.

I think I’ll go back to carrying a paper calendar with a black cover from Staples.  (Go ahead and be smug if you’ve always used a paper calendar.)  I know how that works.  I can use my phone/computer as backup for the old-fashioned calendar.

Any suggestions about how to fix my calendars?  Please help me…

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