My Friends, Anne Lamott and Bonnie Raitt

When I first heard that Anne Lamott (my favorite author) wrote a new book about being a grandmother (Some Assembly Required), I got excited like a five-year-old on sugar on December 23.

I bought the book, but waited a few days to read it.  It was dark chocolate with toffee bits waiting in the chair in my room.  I prolonged the anticipation.  I wanted to slowly and lovingly savor and devour it.

As I read, I underlined the good parts with a turquoise-ink pen.  (I think Anne would like that.)  There’s a lot of turquoise underlining in my book.

I know Anne and I are good friends because we think each other’s thoughts and then put them in words for others to read.

Bonnie Raitt has a new CD (Slipstream) out, her first in 7 years.  She is my other imaginary friend.

In my imagination we are buddies chatting at a sidewalk cafe on top of a hill near San Francisco with a view of the water.  Wine and coffee are not good for any of us anymore, so we drink tea.  We do eat, each of us, a decadent pastry.

All three of us–Anne and Bonnie and me–with our crazy hair, are having the best time laughing and telling stories.

Want to come with me?

link to Bonnie Raitt:

link to Anne Lamott:  CNN interview

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  1. yesYesYES! 🙂

    • I figured you would want to come!
      Love to have you.

  2. No but I would love to hear about it afterward! I think I might cramp your style.

  3. I had seen a review for the Anne Lamott book and had intended to mention it to you since it is about being a grandmother. I see that I am too late! You already know about and own the book. Yeah, even though my hair isn’t really crazy, I’ll come along with you. Sounds like fun!

    • I think you’d need to bring along your sense of humor!

  4. I yearn to be as cool as Bonnie Raitt and sing with the same pizzazz, which is hopeless. Guess I’ll have to keep covering her material as well as I can and wishing for the crazy red hair with the streak of white in the front. — Adrian

  5. Goals are good, right? We’ll get there one day.
    I hope you’re feeling better, Adrian. Rest and take the pain meds!

  6. I totally want to be there!!!!!

    • Having read some of your blog, I’m pretty sure you’d fit right in, Cathy.

  7. I’d love to be there as well. I don’t have Bonnie’s hair color or the hair texture to mimic Anne’s dreads, but I would put in some purple streaks if it would get me in the club.

    • You can come without the purple, Susan, but it would be cool!

  8. Have always loved the art these women create…sounds like a wonderful ritual to bathe in the words and music of both!

    • Most people I like seem to really appreciate these two creative women.

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